Helping New England Brewing Co stand out amongst the competition

Elixir created a fully responsive, custom designed wordpress website with eCommerce facilities that allowed for direct to consumer sales, an area which was previously lacking for New England Brewing Co.

An overhaul of the entire product range: new bottle designs, can designs and packaging. This product range was then promoted with paid advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Marketing.

New England Brewing Co used our services to develop an enclosed ecommerce system which allowed for the direct-to-consumer interaction lacking in the market.

Elixir analysed how the New England Brewing Co audience behaved and used that to optimise existing platforms and generate new ways of communication. Whereas previously optimisation had been unsuccessful, within a week of Elixir making adjustments there had been hundreds of purchases and 6.87 x Return On Ad Spend. 

This dramatic growth spread across three key metrics: advertising spend (down 11%), average revenue per user (up 36.5%) & average time on page (up 220%).

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In addition to these results, Elixir’s analysis also revealed changes made by customers over time. This enabled us further research into consumer perceptions about what constitutes value, customer satisfaction levels as well their motivations/preference towards one brand based on personal preferences.

Based upon this information we identified important lessons which demonstrate high demand amongst millennial consumers but little awareness among older demographics. This trend was then compounded upon price point presentation where perceived value is lower compared elsewhere.

Further to this, Elixir advised a focus on younger audiences for future sales driven campaigns to yield higher revenue growth. 

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