Enabling teamwork anywhere with the new Surface Hub 2S

Elixir partnered with Microsoft to bring the Surface Hub 2s to life with our full-service digital marketing and experience design services.

The Product:
An all-in-one digital whiteboard, meetings platform, and collaborative computing device that brings the power of Windows 10 to teamwork.

The Goal:
To create paid advertising campaigns and landing pages promoting the Surface Hub 2s to business leaders.

Elixir created a global campaign structure targeting multiple countries. From this the campaigns split tested 175 ad variations and distributed budgets depending on performance metrics.

To better understand the Surface Hub 2s target market, we assembled a cross-functional team that gave us a holistic view across Microsoft's organisation, architecture and development. 

Case Study Image

Working together, we jointly built multiple projects to promote product demos into key customer segments: business clients, developers, cloud service providers, enterprise customers seeking data access with Office 365 or Dynamics CRM as well professionals interested in personal productivity.

This project was also closely integrated into our B2B acquisition strategy because it focused on specific vertical applications at different stages of design/development - from conceptualisation and team communication to demonstration launch.

By segmenting these audiences Elixir was able to create highly targeted messages designed to address specific pain points in the buying cycle. Through combination of our focus on client business outcomes, Microsoft gained 7.83 x Return On Ad Spend and 534 product purchases.