Changing the way we hear the world with Here One & Doppler Labs

Elixir partnered with Doppler Labs to launch Here One, a new kind of open, wireless smart earbud.

We structured this program to help Doppler Labs scale the operation of the Here One and grow their brand awareness, user experience and sales revenue.

Elixir took the lead in all aspects of the digital marketing program including media planning and buying, creative development and ongoing program management.

The Product:
Two earbuds and a connected app, you can stream music, take phone calls, reduce unwanted noise, amplify speech and access Google Now / Assistant.

The Result:
From this Elixir reached over 1 million pre-order confirmations for Doppler Labs, signifying an increase of 600% on previous product launches.

To keep pace with growing demand, Elixir created daily campaign cycles using paid advertising platforms and published a series of lead follow up mechanisms for potential sales. Layered upon this Elixir orchestrated several multi-week campaigns where users interact with us on social channels through active conversation threads. The project scope continued increasing its reach every week, scaling until the pre-order target was reached.  

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Elixir was also responsible for implementing customer services (email, social media) while also providing automated personalized replies for customers along each step of the process.

Through these communications’ potential customers gain valuable insight about the product while providing feedback that has positive impact on the company's operations.

By improving Doppler Labs communication with their consumer at every stage in their purchasing journey this helped drive growth and improve ROI for the business. 

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